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Made for Car Wash Owners, by Car Wash Owners. Washworld is a company that understands car wash owners, because we are car wash owners too.  We design and manufacture our car wash systems in response to the needs that every car wash owner has for profitability, reliability, longevity and ease of maintenance.  All of our car wash systems are American made here in our De Pere, Wisconsin plant and thoroughly tested in our wash bays by real world every day use.
Unparalleled Quality. The quality of our systems is of the utmost importance.  In an era when other manufacturers incorporate lesser materials, our predominant use of stainless steel provides rugged dependability which means our systems stand up better to the extremely harsh conditions found in a car wash environment.  And we have made sure that everything in our system is user friendly, from the programming of the wash to the maintenance of the machine, we eliminate the problems associated with other brand systems.
Advanced Technology. Washworld has consistently been on the cutting edge of wash technology.  The addition of our Virtual Attendant, VS2, Washview, FlexPass, Power Tower and Bug A'Salt are but a few advances Washworld has introduced.  However we don't make changes just for the sake of change.  All of our innovations are for the benefit of our customers in ease of operation and increased profits with Washworld equipment.
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