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NOVA Brush Truck & Bus Wash Units

ProfixNz profixnz   Bus-and-Truck-Washing

Suitable for Truck ,Bus, Camper and More

Commercial vehicle washing system of the latest generation
Thanks to a completely new design and our latest and unique technology, no needs remain unfulfilled.

The new NOVA commercial vehicle wash offers many more features and innovative solutions, such as the automatic detection of mirrorless camera systems of new trucks for which special wash programs have been created.

Centre-cross over wash eliminates all wash shadows. 
An additional centre cross-over wash performed by the side brushes is carried out in a separate procedure on the front and rear during which all wash shadows are removed.
Integrated side and roof beam High Pressure
By integrating side high pressure into our wash gantry, it has been possible to reduce the dimensions of the wash system, thus increasing the maximum available wash length. In addition, this significantly reduces the washing time per vehicle, as the side brush wash and the high pressure wash can take place simultaneously in one wash overflow.
Optimum cleaning in hard-to-reach places
In addition, our roof beam high pressure has also been integrated into the gantry. Depending on customer requirements, this can also be optionally equipped with oscillating rotor nozzles or with rigid nozzles.

HP-Wash Devices and Wheel Wash Chemical application

ProfixNz profixnz   Bus-and-Truck-Washing
The perfect complement for every wash unit, for washing vehicles with special forms such as silo vehicles and other special-purpose vehicles
ProfixNz profixnz Nova Bus and Truck Wash  Bus-and-Truck-Washing
Nova Bus and Truck Wash
ProfixNz profixnz Ecobus Drive Through Bus wash  Bus-and-Truck-Washing
Ecobus Drive Through Bus wash
ProfixNz profixnz Magnum 5 Brush Bus and Truck Wash  Bus-and-Truck-Washing
Magnum 5 Brush Bus and Truck Wash